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Garden Theme

Designed by her family this depicts the recipient in her favourite environment - sitting in her garden with a cigarette and a nice glass of wine. Ahh that's the life!


LEGO Ninjago

LEGO has been a very popular theme this year. It has very distinctive brick patterns, logos and figurines. I have made both LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Star Wars cakes this year.


Holy Communion Toppers

What better to top off a celebratory 1st Holy Communion cake than a personalised model of the communicant. Just advise us of the eye and hair colour and hair style, plus for boys the colour of the tie.

Rapunzel/Tangled Tower Cake

I love the colours on this cake, so bright and vibrant. The woodwork and flowers theme carries through from the topper to the cake beneath.

The topper is designed to be removed and retained as a memento, so it is not destroyed during the cutting of the cake.





Space Rocket Cake

The brief for this cake came from the 5 year old recipient himself. It had to be space themed with references to a space rocket, the earth and the moon.

The rocket, the spaceman and the aliens are all easily removable. The rocket sits on its own cake board and as such will easily stand on a bedroom shelf surrounded by the spaceman and aliens!



Dear Zoo Topper

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell - I'm sure most of us have had a copy of this book in our homes at one point or another. 

This is a cake topper - not a cake! It is 6" wide and 3" deep and about 7" tall to the top of the giraffe's head! It is also quite heavy and needs the cake beneath it to be dowelled to support it.
Serves as a great bedroom ornament after the birthday party is over. A lovely memento of the day.

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